Warning! What’s in Your Kitchen That Could be Causing Cancer?

The first thing you have to do when diagnosed with cancer or any illness is to start building your immune system.

Little did I know that most of the items in my home were toxic to me and my family. Processed foods, foods with additives, foods laced with pesticides and herbicides were all part of my daily diet.

So the first thing you need to do is go through your kitchen and purge it of all the things that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and sugar.

Sugar is the number one item that needs to be replaced in your kitchen. Sugar is like lighter fluid to cancer and illness and is in practically everything we consume today.                                                                

Stevia is a good replacement for sugar and can be found in most health food stores. However, my favorite is Sweet Perfection made from chicory root. It is 100% sugar free, contains fiber and tastes just like sugar. It also ranks zero on the glycemic index and is suitable for diabetics.

In addition to purging sugar, I highly endorse the use of organic vegetables over conventional ones. Vegetables today are sprayed with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. With sprays come more sprays because the vegetables become more resistant to the pesticides and herbicides, requiring stronger chemicals.

They have actually modified our seed to be Roundup ready. In the past crops would die from the herbicide Roundup. Now they can spray strong herbicides, and the crops withstand the harsh chemicals.  If you cannot buy all of your vegetables organic, I would recommend buying at least the rooted vegetables like potatoes and onions, since they absorb the majority of chemicals.

Another important purge and replacement is the conventional chicken to free-range chicken. Most chickens today are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, which have been known to cause cancer. In addition to the hormones and antibiotics chickens receive, they are also fed large amounts of corn because it is a cheap feed. God never intended chickens to eat only corn. Chickens are omnivores; they eat meat, bugs, worms, plants, seeds, and grains whenever they are able to roam free and find these things.

Free-range chickens also provide good nutritionally dense eggs. It would be wise not to choose vegetarian eggs. We get a lot of our protein from the worms, bugs and meat the chickens eat. Some labels are very misleading. You can buy chicken labeled organic in the grocery store, and if you do your research you will find that the chicken is being fed GMO (genetically modified organism) feed. Additionally,

If an egg is a vegetarian egg, that means the chicken kept in a place where it cannot gain access to the outdoors to consume what a chicken would normally eat.

Please don’t be fooled with labels that say cage-free. It simply means the chickens are kept in over-populated rooms, sitting in their own fecal matter with no sunlight, which is considered factory farming.

In my opinion, there is no other choice but free-range chickens, where the chickens are permitted to roam cage free and eat off the land. The same applies to the beef we eat. It is best to eat grass-fed beef from cows that graze.

Another very important replacement in your kitchen is the replacement of vegetable oil with coconut oil. The molecular structure of coconut oil does not change when heated, unlike most oils. It is good for many things, like helping your immune system, your heart, your skin, and it speeds up your metabolism allowing you to lose weight and giving you more energy.

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Listed below are additional items in your kitchen you can purge and replace.

Purge                                         Replace

White Flour                             Sprouted whole-wheat flour

White Potatoes                       Sweet Potatoes

White Pasta                            Sprouted whole grain Pasta

Most Breads                           Sprouted sour dough rye or brown rice tortillas

Fruit Juice                               Water with lemon

Processed Foods                    Unprocessed Foods

Pretzels & chips                       Almonds & Cashews

Peanut Butter                          Almond butter or Tahini

White Refined Salt                  Pink Himalayan or Brown Sea Salt




Linda Kuhney is a cancer survivor who helps other people fight their cancer battle
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  1. Fiona Mowatt says:

    Great post, interested in more information on what to purge. All sounds very logical, we need to open our eyes.