Tribute to a Friend

 The Bible says, “No one has greater love than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends.” And that’s just what my best friend did for me.

She gave a year of her life to help me win my battle over cancer.

Shortly after getting the news that I had pancreatic cancer, my best friend Linda came to visit me. The fearful distraught look on her face almost matched the pain and fear that I was experiencing. I wondered how she could have tapped into the depth of what I was going through and what I was feeling.

It only took a moment for me to realize that her love for me was so genuine and deep that it actually amazed me.  If cancer does one thing, it shows you who your true friends are and how much you are loved, and boy was I loved.

Her sympathy and compassion touched me profoundly, and she immediately waged war against the disease. Because of the shock and fear, I couldn’t even think about fighting. I could only feel a powerful sadness over leaving the people I loved so much.

Linda told me she was going to quit her job to help me. I tried to talk her out of it, but she kept assuring me that she was going to retire soon, just earlier now that I had gotten sick. She said that I needed her to take notes and keep records when the doctors spoke because my husband and I would be too distraught to perceive all that was going to be said.

She did a lot more than take notes. She never left my side; she was at every doctor’s appointment and every scan, and does so till this day. When I finally became operable and had my surgery, she drove from Fort Lauderdale to Miami every day and sat with me the entire day until I was well.

That was just the physical portion of what she did.

The unimaginable portion of what she did was that she owned the disease with me. The tears she cried for me when she was alone and the strength she showed when she was with me was more than anyone could ask of a friend.

And to my friend Linda Miller, I say thank you.




Linda Kuhney is a cancer survivor who helps other people fight their cancer battle
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