Sweet Perfection


SweetPerfection is an all-natural 100% sugar free sweetener that tastes like real sugar with no after taste. It is ranked zero on the glycemic index therefore it is good for diabetics. It is ranked number one by Men’s Health Magazine for taste.

 You can use SweetPerfection anywhere you’d use sugar. SweetPerfection will not cause insulin surges and is 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction. Use SweetPerfection, cup for cup, in all your favorite recipes for cake, cookies and ice cream. Increases feeling of “fullness” when added to coffee or tea or homemade yogurt.

SweetPerfection is an all-natural sweetener that is sourced from the prebiotic nutraceuticals also called inulin or oligofructose or FOS. Prebiotic fibers have been shown to help with candida cleansing and weight loss.

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