Photo Gallery

The Best Oncologist Ever! Dr. Rocha Lima
Zlata Was My Angel
My Wonderful Nano Knife Dr. Nurologist Raj Narayanan
The Awesome Surgen DR. Levi

Me & my best friend Linda

Party in my room

My fabulous friend Nancy

Me waiting for a procedure

Post Whipple Surgery

Me And my Hubby

  Me & my son

 Me and my sister
Me and my grandbaby Kaitlyn
Me and my Momma
Pray Room At FAU
Welcome Home Decorations!
Dr. Levi and I – 2011
Dr. RochaLima and I - 2011

Cancer will strike more than ten million people world wide this year. It is estimated that there will be fifteen million new cases every year by 2020.

World Health Organization


Life is to short to grovel over the little things. Live everyday like it could be your last. I am grateful there are more days for me to share this with all of you! 


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