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One major thing I discovered after being diagnosed with cancer was that everyone has an opinion and they all think that their right.

Finding yourself in a high stress situation where you need answers and you need them fast puts you in a state of confusion where you don’t have real clarity in any direction.

I spoke with renowned doctors from UM Sylvester in Miami and the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa who urged me to start the conventional method of Chemo Therapy

to battle my cancer right away. But when I visited the Hippocrates Health Center in West Palm Beach where they specialize in helping people with cancer, they  impressed upon me  that wheat grass, greens, and raw foods were the only way to go;  No meat, no dairy products.They are totally against chemo therapy and the wear and tear it has on the body.

In addition to the Hippocrates health center, I also spoke with well educated nutritionists who believe that grass fed meats, free range chicken and eggs, fermented dairy (kefir), and raw butter are all healing foods for the body. They disagreed with one another strongly but the one thing and maybe the only thing that each alternative view held was that chemo therapy is poison and should not be put into your body.

My family and best friend were holding to the conventional method and wanted to see me use the chemo therapy as my choice for battle.

As I listened to everyone’s views I became more distressed over the decisions that needed to be made.   I remember breaking down in tears over the stress of what to do and I had to regroup my self and get focused again; although they all had compelling arguments against chemo therapy, I was stage four and I did have a dozen tumors on my liver.

I went home that night and processed all the information I had received over the past couple of weeks  and prayed hard about what decision would be right for me, and I pulled all the knowledge from doctors, Hippocrates Center, nutritionist, family and friends and put together a plan, a plan that not everyone would agree with but a plan that I felt would be right for me.

That is what I feel everyone with an illness should do, its your body and your disease and its up to you on how you wish to deal with it.

My plan was as follows:

I decided to listen to the doctors and implement the chemo therapy to shrink my tumors.

I decided to listen to Hippocrates Center and juice wheat grass, greens, and raw foods to build my immune system.

I decided to listen to the nutritionist and use aloe vera, kefir, raw butter, free range eggs, and bone marrow soups. I did all these things to fight cancer and restore my body,

Not only to survive but to thrive.

Linda Kuhney Basic Author


Linda Kuhney is a cancer survivor who helps other people fight their cancer battle
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  1. Congratulations! I love to hear success stories like yours. I am a Breast Cancer Conqueror and my passion is to inpsire women around the globe about healthier choices for their bodies and to inpsire them to be Proactive with Prevention.